COMC is mobile

Read the latest news from the College, the HUB@TTU and KTXT-FM

Listen to a live-stream from The Raider 88.1 KTXT-FM

Instant access to advising schedules, library resources, campus contacts and more

Don't miss a date!

Both the TTU and the College of Media & Communication calendars right at your fingertips.

Book a room!

Integrated TTU Library forms include room scheduling, computer availablity and more.

Schedule an appointment!

Built-in advising scheduling allows you to set an appointment with your advisor from anywhere, anytime.


Find your professor's email or office number with an up-to-date faculty and staff directory.

Monthly Photo Contest

Want your photo to be the background of the app when it opens?

Enter our monthly photo contest and your name and winning photo could be featured in the app!

Keep Up With the College

Constant news updates and college publications provide both students and alumni a way to stay informed, even with a busy lifestyle.

We Are Mobile

Built with the College of Media & Communication community in mind, this app adds a new way to keep up to date with the college and Texas Tech.

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